BY Ishola Wasiu Ayodele

At peace our waters used to be
Sweetly calm like air in vacuum
No ripples, tides ‘n waves upon sea
Flow’rs of glee on our faces bloom.

We drank and watered our land
Thirst and drought and famine were myths
So much riches, our unity’s gland
Safe from conflicts and crises scythes.

Trouble ‘manated from drops,
From the dark cloud of doom we made,
From our greed and ignorant flops
From cov’tous glares, the West laid.

The spreading ripples scared us not
There’re no splashes yet, we thought
We put our eyes in Western pot
To cook it clearer like we’re taught.

We knew—know—not we’ve been made fools
For we wouldn’t have cooked our eyes blind
To shimmers of our water pools
Punctured was our sight—fore and hind.

Our water now’s insanely restless
Mixing violently like lava
Flooding our land, making red mess
Days of bliss and rapture’s over?

Cleanse, our heart and soul, we must
With sponge of truth and soap of faith
Our calm water isn’t tot’lly lost
Hope calls revival from the wraith!

restless water

##Ishola studies at the University in Ilorin and at just seventeen has a massive collection of mastered poems that would honour one twice his age.