Call me not a Drunk
For what I take are thirst quenchers
They move me not
I move them
For the paths I walk are narrow and thorny
I stagger not.

Call me not a Cheat
I’m just wiser than you
Smarter in the game we both play,
Able to navigate your intelligence
And take away what you let loose.

Call me not a Smoker
For I only keep myself warm
Or rather, my mouth busy,
More, I swallow not the smoke
I puff it out in patterns
And it designs the atmosphere.

Call me not a Glutton
For my needs are never met
My desires grow like shrubs,
They refuse to expire
Even though I eat live cows

Call me not a Prostitute
It’s mere service I render

Even of the pulpit come
Why not call me a service provider?
‘Stead you call me names

You who pay for pleasure
And get worn-out treasure.


##J.J Okeme lives in Ughelli, Delta State where he writes poetry and short stories

10 thoughts on “CALL ME NOT

  1. Yemie

    Oh wow! Call me not delusional or dumb, for I know not what you speak of! We only see what we wanna and that’s what you see, like seriously??? LMAO!

    Wowzer, a wonderfully composed piece of satirical poem! Ridiculously brilliant, absolutely creative! The composition of an eternal optimist I must add! Kudos! LOL


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