To do a great good, you must do a little evil
—William Shakespeare

Previously on Sade Haram

As soon as Abu reached Sade and grabbed her on the shoulder, he heard a shout. He looked up as Husseini who hurried into the field.

‘Get up everyone,’ he ordered. ‘Get the girls into the vehicles. We leave now, now! We have information that the military are set to attack….’

Sade disengaged her shoulder from Abu’s grip as he watched Husseini’s mouth. She quickly slipped into the girls, trigger-ready.

‘Tashi, tashi, chanchan,’ rent the air.

The girls were herded like cows into a lorry and a bus. Sade made into the bus and squat by a window in the middle row. The girls were jammed full into the seats, aisle; seated, kneeling, standing; all, terrified, weeping, sniffing withself-pity, terror. Two terrorists stood guard at the door as the driver engaged gear. As the bus began to move, Sade nodded. Now she had them where she wanted them.

# #
The bus was speeding the road, the direction opposite Takwa town. Behind the bus was a lorry-load of girls, then a convoy of terrorists’ cars and buses. In addition to the two gun guards in this bus was the driver. Three of them.Too easy. But the mob behind her, and the other girls on the lorry… would get hurt.

Sade brought out her two-way radio. She heard the sound of approaching aircraft. The arrival of assistance, time to act. Sade stamped to her feet. The first guard saw her gun, made for his, Sade shot him on the neck. The girls screamed as Sade squat and bullets ripped overhead, fired by the second guard. Sade showed her hand and fired in the direction of the second gunman. He cried out. She showed herself. She had hit him on the shoulder. He made to lift his gun. She shot him on the face, and watched as the bullet made a uniformed mess of his tongue, nose, chin, eyes, all.

The cries in the bus intensified. Some of the girls were squatted with hands on their heads but a few were running, or attempting to run, on their feet and scrambling, distracting Sade!

‘Lie down, everybody!’ It was useless. Sade used her fists and elbows to made way, making for the driver. Before she reached him, he had loosened his pistol holster. Her bullet reached him. Blood smeared the windscreen. At this stage, the frantic atmosphere was hell pitch. But because she had an ear on the ready, Sade heard the screeches of two cars as they stopped by the bus. Sade took control of the bus which she head into a bush; the two cars pursued. Helicopters engines drones were now overpowering. Gunshots rattled the air. The girls were mad with fright.

Sade suddenly turned the bus into a masquerade dark thickset of bush and stepped on the brake. The girls knocked into themselves in a unified stream of ghostly voices. The two cars also braked and three gunmen came out, stood before the bus and opened fire on the driver area. They didn’t stop till there magazines were emptied.Then one of them made for the bullets-ridden door and opened it. He didn’t see Sade lying dead in her blood-pool…


They all turned around, facing Sade who was lying on her side and shooting. She lifted to her feet as the men fell to their deaths. Two helicopters emerged from the sky and stood hovering over the bus and Sade. SS agents, gun on the ready began to jump down the crafts.

‘Agent Sade?’

‘Yes. Secure the girls.’

One of the agents began to talk rapidly into his radio as others made for the bus.
Mark showed his face on the helicopter window. ‘What is your position?’

‘We have to get after the other girls,’ she shouted.

‘Hop in.’

Sade climbed in and the helicopter made for the sun.
Five minutes on the air, Sade spotted the roofless lorry full of the girls on its solitary journey on a road more grass than soil. Two terrorists were with the girls on the back. One sat astride the tailboard while the other leaned on it. They began to fire at the helicopter as soon as they saw it. The helicopter continued to descend towards the lorry. Gunshots continued to be fired on it. ‘Turn the chopper so that I face them,’ Sade shouted so as to be heard above the engine drone.

‘That is a suicide mission,’ Mark shouted. ‘Turn it my way!’

‘That is the only way!’

The pilot positioned the craft so that Mark sat on a higher level opposite the lorry. He aimed his pistol. Two gunshots shot pass so close his face. Too dangerous, but he didn’t panic. He couldn’t afford to, a shift could see him miss the target and hit one of the girls behind the gunmen. Sade held her breath…

The terrorist on the tailboard fell into the girls. His comrade stole a look at him…

Crack! The bullet met him on the chest… ‘Whoah!’ he fell.
‘Mark, you sure enjoy killing this people,’ Sade noted.
‘As long as they stand between me and the girls, I do!’
The lorry had stopped; the lorry began to go into reverse. ‘What the hell is he doing?’ Sade asked.
‘He wants to kill the girls!’
Indeed, he was positioning the back of the lorry in a hill under which was a drop of over fifty feet of rocks… from this position the driver would get the vehicle somersaulting down a bitter end, death…
‘Hover over his head so I can jump unto the driver’s roof!’ Mark shouted to the pilot as he got to the tip of the window. Sade was horrified as the two hind tyres of the lorry were being positioned on the edge of the hill…
Mark landed on the roof. He threw himself forward and with the expertise of a gymnast got into the driver’s window legs-first. A deadly struggle ensued.

‘Let me drop too,’ Sade screamed but the helicopter was making to the land by the side of the lorry. ‘Oh no!’ A gunshot was fired on the driver’s section. ‘No!’ Sade jumped down the helicopter twenty feet before ground, misbalanced and fell on her back. She rose to her feet the next moment, her pistol on the ready and began running, wild-eyed toward the lorry. She stumbled and fell. As she made to her feet, someone fell from the lorry.

‘No!’ Sade flew to the body. It was lifeless. Sade saw that his neck was broken. It wasn’t Mark. She couldn’t conceal her relief as she looked up at Mark wiping away at his bleeding nose.

‘He broke my nose,’ Mark said.

‘You broke his neck.’ Sade winked.

Sounds of helicopters carrying nurses and aids workers could be heard on the distance.

One of the helicopters that landed at the end of the rescue battle carried Special Agent Pilah from the office of the National Security Adviser. Although this operation was in the command of Mark, it wasn’t unusual for the NSA to send in special agents to monitor high profile operations like this. So Special Agent Pilah landed on the forest.

The gun battle over, the military personnel and agents were returning to the field were Pilah stood, lean and angry, his long well-masculine hands lying by his sides, one of which a pistol holster hung.

‘Where is Agent Mark?’ Pilah asked one of the newly arrived agents.

‘He is supervising the transport of the girls from here,’ replied a staunch agent.

Pilah pouted his dissatisfied mouth as his brooding eyes burnt holes into the agent’s body. ‘What is the state of the terrorists?’

‘We have killed or captured all of them.’

‘How many are they?’

‘Can’t say…’

‘You ‘‘have killed or captured all of them’’ remember?’

‘Yes sir, but I think…’

‘Don’t think! I want all the dead and captured brought here immediately.’

‘Yes sir.’ The agent turned to go.


The agent stopped. ‘Yes sir.’

‘I want all recovered ammunition also brought here… get another agent on this while you make for the bodies.

‘Yes sir.’

Pilah waved him away. He reached for his hip and brought out his hand-held phone. He dialled the NSA’s number. ‘The operation is over sir. The girls are secured and the terrorists either killed or captured.’

‘Good. What is the position of Sade?’
‘She is alive. She was instrumental in the rescue of the girls.’
The NSA grunted. ‘I know what Sade is capable of. Now listen Pilah, we need Sade out, kill her, hand over to Mark and return to Abuja immediately.’
‘Yes sir.’ Pilah returned the phone to his pocket. No argument, just an affirmation of an order by a true agent; an agent who had sold his heart to the government.‘Get me Sade,’ he said to an agent standing by.

‘Yes sir.’ The agent left.

Pilah brought out his pistol and checked the bullets. He nodded with grim satisfaction and began to walk small circles about. He hadn’t waited two quarters of an hour when Sade joined him. Her hair, in disarray, a patch of blood on her shirt and her face worried… Her worry only aided to lift her calm beauty.

‘Hi Pilah, didn’t know you were with us,’ Sade said.

Pilah grunted.

‘We need more security operatives to escort the girls into town,’ Sade began, ‘and we also need you to get the NSA make special reservations in at least four hospitals for the girls. Again…’

‘Sade,’ Pilah hissed her stop.


‘I need to talk to you…’ he didn’t open his mouth… ‘in private.’


And together the two stepped into the bush.

To be Continued

I earnestly apologise for my inconsistencies in posting Sade. Of recent, I am faced with a major headache that forced me to raise my priorities. But my love for Sade and my happiness in sharing her with you have continued to haunt me, hence my return of Sade. Forgive my Mr Hyde attitude, pele. I promise to make the postings of Sade more balanced, henceforward. I love you for waiting so long. Cheer, continue to read Hard… Voices