Your Honour,

The accused is a covicted romantic felon

With sordid records ages old,

Now indicted by the Conscience Jury

Would you let him walk?


Your Honour,

Criminal trespass of the heart

Of a lady in love

With intent to poison the landlord

Is a capital offence


My Lord,

Dangerous abusers of the heart

Are an affront to the free loving world;

Deny him the chance of parole

And the hope of jail-break freedom


My Lord,

My client is living in hell

Lit by this felon

Let the noose take its course

We demand his head in a platter of vengeance!


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  1. Adeleke Julianah

    Kingsley! This one
    is very strong o!
    I love the flow of words
    Beautiful and captivation.
    Speaks of how truly the heat
    feels when betrayed…nice piece!


  2. Yemie

    First, I gotta say ‘Hard Voices’ is looking so darned good! Wowzer!!! This grabs Kingsley, I’m both feeling and digging the new look! I see you’ve also done away with the glum picture of the boy wailing and shedding tears, blood or perhaps ink?! *raised eyebrow* LMAO!

    Its a new dawn here for sure and its rubbed off on your post as well! This concept’s totally grand, you pulled it right off and the words fit perfectly well as is with a crossword puzzle! Totally on point! I must beg you though ‘Your Lordship’, to temper judgment with mercy! Having him hung or even burnt on a stake, will not make her feel any better than she already DOES NOT! Vengeance isn’t worth all the pains, except it be of and from the Lord! I therefore rest my case, hoping you’d adhere to my words! Thank you! *courteseying* LMAO!

    I do love this new style…..coolness! Pretty creative and of course, humor-ladened! However could I forget?! *rme* Double thumbs up ‘Humour Merchant’, let’s have us some more will ya?! Plenty congrats and cheers too! LOL



      You never told me you were beefing the child shedding blood/ink etc. Now you are happy it’s gone. How about if I tell you that that ink or whatever-shedding child is my talisman, what if I will no longer see my literary period now that I am divorced with my magic wand? Lols, you never see something.

      A new dawn here, you profess. Amen.

      Are you advocating that the accused be allowed to walk? You see, the case is no longer about ‘him’ and ‘her’, it is now a matter of national security. If the felon is allowed to walk it will cast serious aspersion on our judicial romantic system. This is not the kind of world we want, a world were lovers are afraid to step out for fear of romantic terrorism. We must make wound-be felons know that it’s bad news to deal in hearts. We must protect little girls from mad dogs. Your honour, I insist that the full weight of the law be laid on the accused. I rest my case.

      Thanks so much Yemee for appreciating my first poem on the blogosphere. If people read this and say ‘Woe unto the writer’, I would say ‘Yemee thought otherwise!’

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yemie

        Aw! You flatter the breaths outta me Kingsley and that was how I died, went to the Seventh Heaven and zoomed right back! Dang! LMAO!

        Thank you ever so much for those kindly words Humour Merchant and quit with the talk ’bout that poor unhappy lad crying his eyes out being your talisman and good luck charm already! Your talisman’s embedded deep within you, just look inwards and there you shall find it! Plus, I’m not advocating that the accused be allowed to walk out scot-free, I’m only saying that you make light his sentence! So, instead of killing him outrightly, you could have him serve a life sentence, void of love and affections; thereby shielding innocent hearts from ‘His Royal Heartbreaker’! You know what I mean?! That should be more than enough punishment for him/her and you can then say to him/her..’ You just got served’, gloating and gliding right away for good measure! Despicable me! *laughing*

        This is got me wondering which is more cruel…a death sentence or a life devoid of love! Who lives like that?! The horror! LOL


  3. Alexis Chika

    Your honour, whatever happened to your readership? U must have scared the living Love out of them! Nice piece. Like the way its diction is unmasculine. For Nigerian politicians and offenders, it’s the long awaited time to see thick blood gushing down their eyes like that talisman.


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