An old woman sets for a journey

To a land of gold and honey

Thorns litter her path, I recall

And rain of still stones fall


A child gives her for change

A broom to sweep the thorns off range

Another offers umbrella for power

To shed the stones raining over


With rickety umbrella and old broom

Her journey is slow and sorrows loom,

I fear she heads towards doom

Choosing one of abused umbrella or stained broom?


Tired umbrella, a thousand holes

Will well-performed, its roles?

And ancient broom, too

Well-sweeping? No clue


Uncertainty! Confusion croons

As fate ambushes in misty tunes

Old broom or rickety umbrella

Which’s to choose, a dilemma!


Written by Ishola Abdulwasiu Ayodele, produced by @Oke4chukwu as Hard Voices contribution to March 28th and April 11th. Insist on #NoViolence Polls