There are eight rooms in Cemetery Lodge. Four rooms in each side of the battered cemented passage. The five male corpers occupy five rooms, while the six ladies take the remaining three rooms—two of them per room. There is no kitchen—the girls cook in their rooms, I and Edwin cook in the passage. Micah doesn’t cook (I have told you this before); Agu eats weed. And Dayo feeds on the fruits of the Spirit.

The apartment has two toilet-bathrooms. One for guys, the other for non-guys. The guys’ toilet is a mess. The first time I saw it, my buttocks slammed shut and I didn’t shit for seven days. Now, I use the toilet in my school (at day), and the bush (at night). The girls’ toilet is a gory mess. Normally, these girls do shot-put. They shit into a nylon bag and hurl it into the bush; but some other times, they shit into their shit-bucket full of water and then pour it into the overflowing toilet bowl…


Sometimes a powerful smell would grip the atmosphere and everyone would seize the flimsiest excuse and leave the house.


No one uses the toilet-bathroom for bathing. We use the zinc shack beside the lodge as bathroom. This shack has no roof, in fact it is so low that when you bath, people walking the road would see your shoulders (if you are short like Edwin). Tall people have their chest exposed. Tina, to prevent passers-by from viewing her breasts always bath squatting.

Sigh. Sigh.

So I was taking my bath in this amphi-bathroom yesterday when I saw two ragged boys carrying a long black lifeless snake in the hand. Two village girls approaching them jumped into the bush for the snaked boys to pass. An idea hit me on the nose. If these village girls could jump into the bush for fear of a dead snake, how much more would this sleek corps members fear it. Oh yes! This is my tool of vengeance.

‘Micah!’ It wasn’t time for lunch so I didn’t expect him to answer his name. I beckoned the boys. They were eleven or twelve years old. ‘I like your snake,’ I said.

The dirtier of the two shook his head. ‘Is meat,’ he said. I knew he didn’t understand me. That was why I called Micah to help me. Micah now spoke and understood a handful of Yoruba phrases and sentences; I was still in the ekaro-odabo level. I noticed that the snake was headless. ‘What of the head?’

‘Is not meat.’

I began to wipe my body with the towel. ‘Dash me the snake.’

They laughed coyly. ‘Snake eat you.’

It is you that snake will eat, I said inwardly. Aloud, ‘I will dash you money o.’

‘One thousand naira,’ the spokesboy said.

‘Are you mad? One thousand naira for one snake! Is the snake imported from Holland?’ The boys were speechless. I calmed down. ‘Two hundred naira.’

‘Aaah, egbomi, ewo kekere; ashe idamu pupo ki a to mu ejo.’

I shut my eyes in frustration.

‘What is it?’ Micah asked. I explained to him in quick Hausa that I needed the reptile for my revenge.

‘You never forgive them?’

‘Forgive my foot.…’ On my return from the native doctor, Dayo had forced me to undergo seven days of fasting to cleanse myself ‘from the diabolism of the devil’; I was now new-born clean, but my heart still ached for vengeance. The boys were walking away. ‘Hey, stop there!’ With the communicative help of Micah, I bought the snake for four hundred naira. We put the snake inside a nylon bag, just looking at the snake make me flinch.

Over late lunch we discussed who should get the snake scare. Micah said that he was ‘closing in’ on Corper Mercy so we should rule her out. Mercy was a plump, chatty girl who teaches biology as Micah but because she isn’t so bright or because she is so lazy, or both, she relies on Micah for her lesson notes and presentations. Now Micah was closing in on her… bad boy.

We ruled her out. Also ruled out was Mercy’s roommate Corper Ibukun whom everyone calls IBK. A beautiful one whom me and Micah secretly refer to as On The Road Corper due to her crazy love for travelling; she hardly spend a weekend in this village; in fact, she left for Ibadan this morning to visit some ‘uncle’.

That left us with roommates Agatha and Tina, Fisayo and Fatima. They all deserved to be punished but we only had one snake. We decided to cut the snake into two, drop one part in Agatha/Tina’s room and the other in Fisayo/Fatima’s room.

But I couldn’t use my knife to cut the unclean animal neither would Micah. So we settled for Fisayo-Fatima candidacy, we would punish the others later.
# #

Fatima and her heavyset, over-endowed coal-coloured self was watching some Korean film on the television while Fisayo lay on her bed thumbing at her phone. Terrorist I, stood on the smelly alley, watching through their netted window, the snake in my nylon-gloved hand. Slowly, I squeezed the snake into a hole in the net and began to lower it. It was unnerving holding a snake, dead or alive, this close, but my call to vengeance gave me strength. I kept my eyes on Fatima whose profile was to the window. The snake half-way to the floor, I lowered my height and hissed loudly. Fisayo turned. I let the snake fall. Someone began to scream her lungs out…


I rounded the house, entered the room, hugged Micah and we shook with laughter. The scream was music to us. ‘Whooo, whooo,’ I mimicked and we laughed harder. Micah fell down and began rolling on the floor while I was hitting my head on the wall with mirth.

Someone crashed into my room. We turned to face Agatha, still laughing. ‘Fisayo has collapsed o!’

Our laughter vanished like a drop of water on a hot stove, replaced with ice-cold fear. We rushed to Fisayo’s room and found Agu and Edwin carrying her unconscious body out of her room, and Fatima on the tow wailing.

‘Oh no.’ I stopped before them. ‘Where are you taking her to?’

‘Clinic,’ Agu said.

I felt her pulse.

‘She is alive,’ Edwin shouted.

‘Give way,’ Agu.

I made way as they carried her away, the girls on their heels.

‘Is she alive?’ Micah asked me.

I nodded… it was critical. They were taking her to the village clinic. Some weeks back I had gone to the clinic where a corps member doctor attended to me. He wrote four drugs for me and I only got one in the pharmacy, I had to buy the rest.

Now they were taking Fisayo there! No one would be there at this time except the night watchmen. I decided to get my cell phone and join them. So many calls would be made tonight.
I made to pass but Micah blocked my way.

‘Do you know you are evil?’ Micah said. I eyed him. His eyes were red with passion. If I was one foot shorter or five years younger, and had no fear over Fisayo, I would have been afraid of him. ‘You are a big devil. What kind of heart do you even have?’

I made to pass and he pushed me on my chest. I bit my lip and held unto my temper. I made to pass again and he pushed me harder.

‘If that girl dies, her blood will be on your head!’ And he stamped away.

I entered my room. As I picked up my cell phone, an idea struck me. I began to throw my clothes into my box. I would be ready, just in case.

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23 thoughts on “CORPERS LODGE (FOUR)

  1. Yemie

    Ah! Kingsley Okechukwu!!!! Why are you so darned headstrong?! I warned you didn’t I?! And I really hate saying ‘I told you so but I just did, Oops! ROTFLMAO!

    Notice how your ‘trusted’ buddy and allie quickly retraced his steps and turned on you, when push came to shove?! That’s life lesson number 1: people will show you some sorta support, but when things go downhill and get really messy, they’d backtrack and abandon you to your fate! Needless to say…’You’re On Your Own’! So much for friendship and it gets even better….should that silly girl cross over; God forbid, your Hausa-flowing pal will rat you out without batting an eyelid and then proceed on turning you in, wanna bet again then?! *tsking*

    You’re a very crazy guy, which is one of the reasons why am absolutely awed by you, my vice! *tongue out* BUT, you oughta just get a move on, I swear it ; vengeance aint worth all of the satisfaction you think you’d be getting in the end! See where its landed you now and you’re ’bout to skip town! Far aint far enough, so just stick it out and PRAY she’s revived you silly nilly! Chai!

    Great post, hilarious and Kingsley….I just dunno! Am done rambling and will wait ‘jejely’ to see what next week brings! Way to go bwoi, I still love you tons anyhow! How can I possibly not?! *rme* ROTFLMAO!

    PS: I despise ‘Longman’….snakes, dead or alive! Eewww! LMAO!



      Just when I finished responding to an atomic comic in the Letter to Future Husband post, she drops another in my Hiroshima! You rock this Voice, Hard! I love most your number 1 lesson in life: ‘People will show you some sorta support, but when things go downhill and get really messy, they’d backtrack and abandon you to your fate!’ I have learnt the lesson o, and I pray that the readers read this comment… they need to!

      Yo ramble not. Thanks another million. Next weeky!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. grace

    Lmao! Hospital kwa? D gal must be a softie lyk me! Ready 2bail huh? Dnt worry she wönt die,tis just shock biko. Tell ur pal i said he’s a chicken! #cluck cluck


  3. Adeleke Julianah

    Kai!!!!! I saw that coming.
    Immediately snake thingy entered, I knew that’s what’s gonna happen.
    Well you got your revenge, I hope you don’t kill someone in the process o!
    Nice and engaging, keep it coming!


  4. Ugwu Samuel Onyedikachi

    so 9yz!
    revenge is a dish datz best served cold, buh diz 1 waz frozen.
    dat Micah ov a guy isn’t a pal 2 roll wit @ al… beware!
    dude don’t fret, d gal no go die, she deserve am.
    Kingsley, 9yz wuk. m spellbound…


  5. Alexis Chyka

    Hw I wish this ain’t fiction!
    But it’s fiction, what can the readers do? But to read on.
    The name Micah always sounded like a girl. He just showed he’s from Venus!


  6. Adewoyin Joseph

    LOL. Gobe has finally found you!

    Like I once told Yemmie, women from where I came from would rejoice at the sight of the unfortunate snake, “collobi” it and make little snake soup.

    Your yearn for vengeance has brought you more mess (you know, the “pitiable dismal pismal’ type), and your friend Micah (I don’t like that name sef) will betray you even before you can pronounce Judas Iscariot.

    I second you on the idea of packing and bolting… You’re in God’s hands now my brother. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


      Shudders at the thought of snake soup. Your kinswomen are priceless! Micah, isn’t that a lovely name? Fear can rob any man his armour, and paint the whole body Judas! As for being in God’s hand after such unforgiving art… I Will pause and think abou’ it


  7. Serah Donald Mbachu

    Hmm.. While reading it i had a nice laugh at first, but as i burrowed further into it, i saw how powerful Vengeance is and how careless carelessness can be. Nice one boss,eagerly waiting for the next.



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