I published this very short piece in writersanonymous.com.ng, a sizzling website that gathers a mouth-watering lineup of sheer talent. From the outrageously good emerging writers to the calm established lot. You should find time and browse through the site. Find time because one click and it will take up your day. I published this there as Cyber Romance, here I chose a more direct title, nothing to hide.

Today’s Eid Mubarak. Happy Sallah to the Muslim Umar.

Having debated for days with her mind and failed to arrive at a resolution, Rita took the matter to Priscilla. The demerit of discussing crucial secrets with her officemate was that, in few days’ time, the secret was no longer secret, or, at best, became a top secret shared among the Inner Circle of Gossips, as she mockingly referred to Priscilla’s clique behind their back. But Priscilla, despite a betraying vocal cord, was the best pair of ears to hear her problem. Priscilla’s cold reasoning and unemotional cunning were what Rita most needed.

She was pregnant, she needed Priscilla to advise her. To soften the ground, Rita came back from lunch with a queen-sized fruit juice. She placed it on Priscilla’s desk. ‘Just for you.’

‘You don’t mean it!’ Priscilla squealed. She rounded the desk and hugged Rita. ‘You are such a darling.’

‘It’s nothing.’

As Priscilla’s hand touched the cold cork of the drink, she looked up, Rita’s brown beautiful forehead was thoughtful and faraway. Priscilla lifted her enormous bulk from her chair. The piece of furniture made a small noise, like a sigh of relief. Priscilla walked to and placed her heavy bottom on Rita’s desk. The desk made a small noise, like a cry for help. ‘You have something on your mind.’

Rita looked at her colleague with tearful eyes, reluctant to abuse officialdom and allow her rain fall here.

Priscilla extended a heavily bangled hand and placed it the other’s shoulder. ‘You can talk to me, babe.’

‘I am pregnant.’

A moment pause. ‘For whom?’

‘Henry.’ The name gave her a fake momentary bliss, making him appear like a man, with means and dependable. Behind this name was a twitter profile: Jesus boy, team #MUFC, I will retweet only what I endorse. I don’t follow trolls. Behind this twitter handle was a boy who still depended on his uncles for data subscription.

‘Who is he?’ Priscilla’s question jolted Rita back to the office. Rita sighed. ‘I met him on twitter.’

It was a month after Bayo called to break up their engagement. His mother said over her dead body that he married non-Yoruba. ‘Sorry love.’ And a relationship of four years came tumbling down, cut by two clinical sentences. She suspected he had found someone better because his mother had been saying this for ages, he had stood up to her, till now.

If grief killed instantly, she would have died there with her cell phone still in her hand. But to remain alive she began to spend judicious time on her work and on Korean movies, on the social media. It was here that she met Henry. It was during the elections and he tweeted extremely funny things, lampooning the major players in the system. She couldn’t help retweeting, in fact she began to look forward to his tweets, and always checked his timeline for something to retweet.

He noticed her. He sent her a direct message. With thumbing heart and excited fingers she typed his reply. They graduated to Facebook, then BBM, then Whatsapp. Finally, phone calls. He became very important to her and she spent hours every day on the phone with him. She still hurt over Bayo but Henry was a worthy pain absorber, she held him tight.

Three weeks back, he told her he would be visiting an Uncle in Kaduna but would like to branch off Abuja and see her. She was ecstatic, although she made negative noises but permitted him to persuade her. ‘I am not cheap,’ she told herself.

He brought along condoms. She was slightly embarrassed by this but it would save her a lot of headache, she convinced herself. He planned to spend a night but ended up spending two nights. There were four condoms in a pack, they soon ran short of them. They damned the consequence and continued to have fun.

‘He’s a student?’ Priscilla asked.

‘Yes.’ There was tears in her voice. ‘200 level, UniIlorin.’

‘How old is he?’

‘Twenty-three.’ A tear rolled down Rita’s cheek. This meant he was eight years younger than Rita, Priscilla calculated.

‘Have you told the boy?’ Rita shook her head. Priscilla sighed. ‘I will give you the number of the doctor who fixed Jumai when she got into trouble.’

‘You mean I should have an…’ Rita moaned. She couldn’t bring herself to say abortion. Priscilla nodded, ‘What other options do you have? You can’t afford to keep the baby, think of your career. Remember you pay your brother’s fees, remember the cost of your father’s drugs. No, Ritty, you have to do the needful.’

Rita, her make up now ruined with tears, had no words. Priscilla returned to her seat, like an expatriate that had just finished the day’s business under the sun, she uncorked her juicy reward.

Rita tried to argue herself out of her colleague’s brutal truth but she was distracted by the fading golden rays of three weeks old memories. She saw Henry withdrawing behind her; ‘Let’s try another style.’ She saw herself obeying.

Her phone beeped. She picked it up then looked at Priscilla. ‘That’s the doctor’s number. Jumai just sent it on Whatsapp, so I passed it.’

Rita said thank you. ‘I may see him tomorrow.’ Priscilla took a sip, then permitted an indifferent shrug. ‘Should I tell him?’ Rita said.

‘Tell who?’


‘The boy? Tell him what, that you are pregnant? For what? For him to tweet it abi? Haha, please girlfriend, don’t make me laugh.’

Rita sighed hard and long. Priscilla must be right, she would tell no one and quietly have her abortion.

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Image, babycenter.com

32 thoughts on “A QUIET ABORTION

  1. Adeleke Julianah

    Sometimes, it’s better to have an abortion than give birth to a child you won’t be able to cater for.
    I’m no supporter of abortion, but better to do the needful than have regrets breathing down your neck later.
    Especially when you have weighing responsibilities of taking care of yourself and your family.
    A stich in time have been known to save nine for a long time.
    Nice piece Kingsley.



      The arguments for abortion are mostly understandable but two spoilers to this arguments are the moral questions of the young life and the 1% certainty of carrying a genius.

      Thanks Julianna for your brave opinion it’s just a story after all. Cheers


  2. grace

    Abortion is wrong…so dat’s out of d question,she should just hv d baby…and give it up 4adoption. So many ppl are looking 4children so y kill d one u’ve got??


  3. Phait

    Abortion is a No No for me….when you have unprotected sex….tell me what dyu expect????? A house or a doll…..there’s like it was a mistake…..so many people I know that have gone down that lane regret it later later…..Abortion is just not an option…..



      Phait, in her trademark tough comment. That regret aspect is something every one should put on the table while making the decision to abort or not to abort. Thanks for blogging with us, Faithful


  4. Seyi

    Am dumbfounded she accepted the option of an abortion,to even think of such,she sure deserves slaps,at 31?haba,when her biological clock has started ticking away fast?if she knows she loves her brother and father more than saving the life of an helpless child,then she would have bought several packs of condom or at most closed her legs…my heart goes out to that gift whose absence is a source of agony to many!!!!



      A thoughtful, inciting comment, Seyi, but I have also realised that standing on the right of the unborn child is quite easier when nothing has happened, when the thought of unwanted pregnancy is a distant hazy thought. When one takes in, the pressure weighs one down and clouds one’s sense of the right path. The demerits of keeping the child now outweighs the goodness of keeping it, and thinking straight in this state is mostly big deal. Making the decision to abort is never an easy one.
      You brought up the issue of her age in, and her family. I think these argue in favour of keeping the child. For one, she would no longer take care of her family if anything goes wrong on the surgery table. A small but vibrant possibility. For another, the baby inside is equally family.
      Thanks for sharing, Seyi, God help us


  5. Adaolisa Ezeh

    Why our lady find dificult to take precuation after unprotect sex? We all no dat that dere is a drugs dat take care of this. Instead of goin to meet a frnd wt condom pls i advise to go wit postinor 2, u can take it after unprotected sex n it can desolve like a urine pls prevention is beta dan cure, had it been dat Rita take dis by nw she wont b talkin of abortion and h hv witness dis dat we ladies find it dificult to control our emotion disaster, is unfair dat we jumb into relationship imediately in oda to 4get d pains but pls its very wröng cos dis has put a lots of gals in trouble like dis . So pls we hav to b a watch world over ourself n our health too



      Hmmm, what a serious one from Ada herself, she didn’t just criticise or condemn, she gave a practical advice, she even mentioned possible solution! Now, this is real revealing. Indeed it’s wrong for ladies and even men to get into a relationship for the sake of the last one. It isn’t fair to the new date, it isn’t fair to oneself. Most of these end painfully.
      Thanks Ada for making out time to blog with us. I appreciate


  6. Onyeka

    A boy who dares to lift weights meant for men should be prepared to claim the prize or pay d price. Whichever, raincoats should be carried not taken, you never can tell d enormity of d rain.



      This is one angle nobody has looked at, the boy. He polluted the air and he isn’t even told. They should tell him and wreck his sanity a good deal. Hilarious allusion to rain, Norman, you know what is at stake. Thanks for sharing it


  7. DrSwag

    Humorous as usual!!! Nice one…..Irritating situation … Doesn’t take a genius to know babies come after unprotected sex…Abortion is a no no for me….Peeps should know that rebound relationships usually do more harm than good…



      “Rebound relationships usually do more harm than good” yet people continually hit the wall and allow baby hands catch them, it’s well.

      Thanks Dr for your revealing comment, I actually looked forward to it, and it came, refreshingly

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Alexis Chyka

    There’s nothing quiet about this abortion. The entire office knows and we know. Lol.
    She could also have a quiet birth. She’s 31 not 13. Doesn’t seem to me lik a pioneer abortion else she’d be torn between Priscilla and another with a firm pro-life resolve.
    And did I hear Priscilla say career; another reason to work harder and tweet less. As a pregnant student, (in fact, secondary school student, we can worry abt career, every other scenario, make use of the Guidance and Counseling Unit)
    And my Jesus boy would be glad to tweet: Proud father from Missionary style; sorry, journey!



      I have always known I was missing someone in this blog, I just couldn’t place my fingers on whom it was. Now I know, I know, Chika is here!

      A quiet birth, no one looked at that angle, and the age. So the older, the less abortive. I see, I massively been educated here, aswear!

      Copilot, thanks for sharing your elevated thoughts with us. Your presence here is like a chill water in a thirsty site…


  9. femd

    Nice piece, i’m not a fan of abortion and I’d rather kill myself than kill someone else. But there’s always a moment in one’s life where you have to defend yourself and it can either be self defense or defense of pride. You just have to choose the one you’ll b able to live with, knowing you can never too careful…


  10. frank

    To be fair to Rita, one js has to admit hormones aren’t alwz d sanest wen it comes to drawing d line btwn reason n passion. Still wrong z wrong evn if it feels ryt, so watch out folks! btr to be wary dan sori.. A gr8 write, Kings..


  11. meezuyeali

    She must be very immature at 31. Though life itelf is pregnant buy… And den, I’m sure her mother will prefer dis her situation to marrying omo Yoruba. Let her take her present condition to her mother b4 the ghost of babies begin to spank her face.lol.nice piece



      Mee has now brought the supernatural into it, the ghosts! This reminds me of an abortion movie I saw in the 1990s. The poor girl aborted the baby then he came back to her, grown up, and began to bombard her with critical questions. Can’t remember what they discussed. The whole thing was done in grammar.

      Thanks Mee, for this.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Kwi:n

    If we are more practical and real with ourselves
    you will know that she was in a condition she couldn’t help herself, leaving the pregnancy will be something else… Pregnancy is good but the time it came was wrong…
    If you were in her shoes… hmmm will you take it to your parents? what will u tell them…
    I don’t support abortion at all but she had to make a choice which I see nothing

    funny enough its the lady that is seen as a murderer when she commits abortion what about the man who impregnated her?… and denied the pregnancy
    which is worst?

    Nobody said anything about the Henry of a boy … just the lady… African society ehnnn

    Age is nothing but numbers its gat nothing to do with maturity



      Scroll up, Onyeka said something about the boy to which I added a rejoinder. Even if no one mentioned the boy’s role/blame, it’s open for criticism to which you have wisely pointed out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Queen


  13. victoria

    Primary school taught you premarital sex is dangerouse, secondry school taugt you how to count your period, use a condom, use contraseptives, bayo must have taught you not to let semen into you when you are on the wrong time of your period, your church or mosqe must have taught you abstenance did all this elude you? I thought abortions are for young stupid girls,? Sweetheart you are 31 for womens sake! If there is any such woman with such situation out there i would advice against it, not because of religion or law, but because of your health, that equipment used for abortion must have penetrated too many women, the germs alone can make you barren, if you think pills are safer, i can asure you complications due to remnant of blood vesel, so sweetheart keep the baby for its sake and yours. Moreover. Menopouse is knocking.


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