Ramblings Of An Angry Nigerian: THE END IS NEAR

The most popular person in Nigeria right now is not a Nigerian. He’s not even a human being. The dollar. Starting from early January and climaxing in the last one week, the naira had nosedived and cowed before the US dollars; since Nigeria imports almost everything, including pencils, toothpick and combs, everything has topped money, including the few that are not imported, including old stocks that were not purchased with the expensive dollars. Nigerian traders are not known for their honesty (I am not the president of Nigeria and I am not talking to BBC, why not?–Nigerian traders are not known for honesty!).

From the boli seller, to the okada rider, the provisions shopkeeper, mama-put, saw sharp increments in prices. I took this like a soldier. But when my barber told me the price for cutting my hair had risen by 50%, I just told him to put the clipper on my throat. What nonsense. Yes, I know the clipper was imported last week from Italy but I am not buying. I will rather carry Bob Marley on my head or do Emmanuel Adebayor than submit to my barber’s dirty capitalism.

(Note how the price of cigarettes, dry gin and wee-wee haven’t been affected by the scarcity of dollar).

And naira cheerfully continues to fall and fall and fall. At this rate I will go burst, and will one day gather my raggy stuff in a bag and return to the village and, like the prodigal son, kneel before my father and tell him, ‘I have sinned against heaven and against adulthood, I am no longer worthy to be called your son. Take me as one of your daughters…’

But as a man of God, I can’t think defeat nor use human intellect to try and analyse this crisis, so I consulted the Bible. And I got the answer.

After God destroyed the world with flood he made a vow to Mr and Mrs Noah, their sons and daughters-in-law never to destroy the world with water again. During my Sunday School days I thought God would destroy the world with fire and brimstones. No, God will destroy the world with dollars and Nigeria is the first to go.

We were talking about Nigeria on twitter and someone said Nigeria can never be good, that the only way Nigeria will make any headway is if Nigerians are expelled from Nigeria and new people brought in to repopulate her. And someone said no, even if new people were brought in, as long as they would live in Nigeria Nigeria will corrupt them.

So I say, Nigeria must go.

Ghana really understands this and has banned goods from Nigeria. Foresight! I think we should pay back and ban Ghanaian black soap and their whiter than British accent coming into Nigeria. And we will, at the fullest of time. Presently our president is not around, he’ll ban Ghana when he visits Nigeria.

‘There’s time for everything, a time to embrace and a time to run away.’

So while licking our wounds from our tackle with dollars a certain man went to Channels TV and said Ladies and gentlemen, I can make the dollar fall from about 400 naira per dollar to 200 naira per dollar, within one month. Some people have sold their soul to the media so that if you give them a microphone and an audience they will conquer the world within two minutes. These kind of people are dangerous, they don’t have a single clue and they see Nigeria with the eye of one under the influence of cordein, but because they have money (please flash EFCC) they make a loud noise which drowns out the voice of people who really have something worthwhile to contribute.

‘And many false economists will appear and will deceive many.’

And it came to pass that the minister of finance while trying to accuse some agency of corruption did 16 billion plus 6 billion and got 24 billion. I swear I’m not crying, it’s this onion I am cutting. First, why is every member of our government trying to play the corruption card? EFCC ably assisted by Lai Mohammed is doing so ‘well’, so why? It’s as though the strategy is for everything in the country to stand still until we kill off corruption, then (if we survive) we’ll do something about the economy, unemployment etc. I don’t know politics very well but I don’t think this strategy is sound strategy.

But I know that 6 plus 16 isn’t 24. Why do people in charge of our commonwealth usually put themselves in a situation that would embarrass a nursery pupil? The other day in trying to `reduce’ MTN’s fine the ministry of communication made a ‘typographical’ error that cost us billions of naira. I believe it’s this same ‘error’ that saw 178 million naira voted for the updating of a website in the budget.

No, I am not crying. It’s the heat.

‘In the same way, when ye see these things happening, know ye that the end is near.’


And there is one man who doesn’t have ‘the end’ in his vocabulary. His name, David Mark. He has been in the senate since the return of democracy in 1999, and enjoyed eight whopping years as senate president. Since he was sworn in for his fifth mandate and returned as a floor member he has been sitting and looking, never saying a word. You know, if David Mark stands up and addresses Saraki as Mr President, David Mark will no longer be David Mark so he would rather bury his vocal cords in his bosom and play the president of the Association of Just Looking Senators. Last week he won the rescheduled election ordered by the tribunal and is back in the senate. David Mark has done a lot for Idoma people so I understand them giving him a send forth party with four years. And this party will extend to eight years come 2019. Who knows?

‘Verily I say to you, before a rooster crows tonight, you will say three times you know me not.’

And finally, last night, yet again Arsenal were beaten by Barcelona. On behalf of Arsene Wenger, two thousand years ago, Peter had asked Jesus Christ this question, ‘How many times will your brother beat you before you retaliate?’ And Jesus answered, ‘Seventy times seven.’

Chai chai…

No, it’s not the heat, it’s not onions, I am crying.

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25 thoughts on “Ramblings Of An Angry Nigerian: THE END IS NEAR

  1. SuperDann1

    Not that Mr Wenger can retaliate…you dnt retaliate when Big Show slaps you, you jus turn ur left cheek…Nwa Chukwu…Dollars *sigh* even ‘pure water’ water is affected…even palm wine tappers. Yea maybe their matchet and gallons are imported (dont get it twisted, am not a palm wine drinkard)…but man must survive


  2. Reina de las Fabricas

    I must confess I clicked on this post faster than lighting as the issue of Nigeria has become a daily anthem with the people around me. Its utterly disheartening about what is happening but please, you can have our reliable Aboki use the indigenous razors to make a clean scrape of your hair, no need for a compulsory DADA revival.

    That said, am I the only one that thinks the increase in the price of a bag of pure water is absolutely ridiculous? N140, really? All affected parties please say I!

    …and Big Brother just got a face lift.

    But then, I would charge nothing for saying this write up is a beautiful way to pass the message without having people running to hospitals for heart attacks…NIZZZE ONE

    Liked by 1 person

  3. justapollion

    No I-am not crying its just the emission of smoke from this factory that I work for. Welcome to hell! A spate of events keeps unfolding like David’s scroll. You speak of Mr President? I don’t see him. I only watch him in the news in a foreign land? He lives in the intersellar sky. Am so incensed! But you see am not crying its just that am sitting beside a smoker and the smoke that wafts in the innocent air blurs my vision. The current government failed math so much during their school days and my umbrage is that they have issues with calculations. From 16 6 that turned 24 to the ridiculous amount that was included to renovate the Aso rock Clinic which our President and his vice never visits and they called it a mistake too. Am not crying is just that the emission of smoke from this Danfo where I have been sitting all morning is killing me! Killing me the way dollar is killing naira.



      And Somebody came and wrote a blog post in the comment section. Chai, now I am overwhelmed. How do I respond to this caterpillar? You know what, I will just copy and post this on Lai Mohammed’s timeline. Let him suffer as well.
      Chai, Choice, you are evil!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. twtonline

    The most populous man, hmmm!!!
    Very nice. I have very little to say, because am tired of been tired of cases like this. A friend was to send a picture to me, she had to mention the dollar. Very soon, to take a piss or dump would require the dollar.
    Concerning Wenger, I feel the players should not show up for the second leg. Let everyone just stay in their homes, except Giroud and the Ox.
    Nice work man. I pray God honours your work, and what you looking for, you will find in due time. Muyiwa Oni

    Liked by 1 person


      You really have said a little. Girls having hijacked the dollar scarcity means we are done, no love subsidy whatsoever. But if a girl will not send you a pic then she’s a little ugly to add to dollar. You know, the dollar is a shield on which all manner of excuses hide.
      Wenger is no longer as bright as he was, if ever he was, he and his criminal Flamini.
      Thanks bro for the prayer at the bottom. I pray for the same for you


  5. Walt Shakes

    Wait festofall, I went out to buy pure water bag and was told that the price had made a leap from 90naira to 120naira. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY!!! So I thought to myself that this blistering heat must be the reason for this atrocity. But what if it is the dollar that is doing this thing to pure water… Chai! We are in trouble in this country.



      I have begun boycotting pure water. The tap water is a beauty. It’s even more beautiful when I fetch it and pour it in a bottle of Eva and drink it in the balcony just to infuriate my landlord


  6. Alexis Chyka

    Sorry, I couldn’t leave my comment earlier. I had to be sure that the price for blogging wasn’t going to cost me so much dollars.

    Justapollion has it nailed! Thank you Kingsley for this. Keep the ramblings coming (even if Akuso things otherwise)!



      No, the price of blogging haven’t, wouldn’t go up just like the prices of cordein, weewee, kai kai and condoms… The price of addictions is never inflated, the only price of blogging and other vices is that it makes you a bad ass.
      Yes, I will ramble on whether Dr A likes it or not.
      A is for Apple, if you say it’s for Akuso na you sabi


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