Ramblings Of An Angry Nigerian: NARROW ESCAPE

I am not going to church today.

Why, well, I have nothing to wear. My plan was to wash my best pair of trousers yesterday, first thing in the morning. But first thing in the morning I was hungry. I decided to cook something and discovered I had little kerosene. I went for kerosene, there, at the shop, I found out I hadn’t got enough money. So I got into a bus and I headed to the ATM. The ATM was like the Sermon on the Mount, ten thousand people about. So I got a bike to Bank Road and withdrew. Trying to save money I shunned okada riders and I trekked to where I’d get bus; I found no bus and took okada. I got to my neighbourhood sweating like a hunter/farmer/labourer. I stopped by a shop and drank Nutri Milk, went home and slept, actually died in bed.

When I resurrected I was too hungry to cook. I went out in search of snacks. I ended up with the snack in the viewing centre where I watched Man City, where our Iheanacho scored two brilliant goals but the overpaid, spoilt, overweight Man City players led by that thug made of cement and iron Yaya Toure refused to celebrate with him; very disgusting watching the poor lad celebrating by pointing to heaven alone. I hope Madrid disgrace these losers on Tuesday. Nonsense!

I watched Chelsea too. Boring, slept all through. I did see Hazard score a premiership goal for the first time in 365 days. It doesn’t change anything because Chelsea will finish in ninth or tenth in the table, and they won’t play in Europe until, at earliest, September 2017. Then I watched Man Utd in a platter of pure luck beat Everton to qualify for the FA Cup final for the first time since Obasanjo was farming in Aso Rock. Man Utd winning goal, a gift from John Stones, gave their thuggish supporters the opportunity to pour me saliva and rub me with sweat while celebrating as though they had won a tanker of fuel jackpot. Msscheeew. I left the viewing hall angry and hungry. I landed in a restaurant where I kept stuffing my face with food until I lost the ownership of my body and soul. I was carried home.

So dear Angel Mikel, with these few points of mine I hope you have seen that my desire not to go to church today is not my desire. I am really a believer of the gathering of the brethren. I am not for that “I am a good person even though I don’t go to church” bullshit. I go to church, almost every Sunday. I couldn’t go today, which is no big deal seeing that we have 30 more Sundays in 2016. Will make it up to you sir angel, next Sunday. Hugs.

Right now I’m just grateful to be alive. I am exhausted, clueless and almost helpless. It is rare moments like this that make me wish for a wife. She would have come with food on bed and feed the hell out of me.

Did I tell you that I nearly got married in 2015? Me, Kingsley Okechukwu, yes! Nearly got married! See, I was in love with this beautiful girl in Ibadan. We loved each other so much that she suggested that we should just get married, what are we waiting for? The plan was that after my service in Osun I would move to Ibadan, and she’ll leave her guardians and move in with me. I will get a job in Ibadan and see about making a good husband. We’ll raise a family and only call on our parents to bless the union when (if) we make enough money. It was a revolutionary romantic deal when she suggested it. So after my NYSC, while she was searching for our matrimonial room in Ibadan, I decided to drop into Anambra before resuming my marriage in Ibadan. One thing led to another in Anambra and I never made it to Ibadan. That was how I escaped! I escaped!! I escapeeed!!!


Now, this is me thanking God (with a broken heart) for saving my life. Imagine me as broke and angry as I am, a husband, with little Chukwuemeka crying in the background, with a wife that is as strong as a tigress whom, when we played wrestling I never succeeded in throwing her to the floor… Chai, chai, Olisa I bless Your name; Chukwu Okike I worship Your majesty, You alone ruleth oh Alpha, Omega, Elohim, Adoni.

Mehn, I would have gone out of my mind. In fact, I would have climbed the pedestrian bridge in Iwo Road and just fall and die. And you guys would have come to my Facebook wall pretending you’ll miss me and write RIP followed with bad short poetry extolling my virtues even though the last time we exchanged hi was in November 2009. #RIPOkechukwu might even trend on twitter. Ewww. But guy, just imagine for a minute the premature, amateur, novice, dabbler, nursery marriage I would have had? One of these days I’ll buy a ram and do thanksgiving in church. For what God has done for me, my mouth cannot say it all.

What happened to the Ibadan babe, you ask. She’s somewhere in Benue probably looking for her thanksgiving ram. It’s a mutual narrow escape for who in her right faculties would have become Mrs Kingsley Okechukwu in 2015? Who!!

I will marry someday, why not? But as a big boy, not a one-room kerosene husband. My friend who’s thirty-one, richer, handsomer, fatter, better-connected etc is talking of settling down in 2020, Vision 2020. So I will gladly eye Vision 2030 or 2040. As the Lord chooseth…

So lying in bed, clueless, it’s cute to salivate about the wife coming to bed with breakfast. The reality is that an average Internet Age wife would storm into the room and say, Kingsley get up there and come help out in the kitchen! You are not feeling fine? Then let’s forget about breakfast because I’ve been nursing a headache since 1986 and never complained. But seriously I’m sick and tired of this attitude of yours Kingsley…

Sigh. Kingsley, Kingsley not even honey or Tom Tom. It’s sometimes like that, a war zone, some marriage. I can’t dare, for now. Yes, I am presently panel-beaten in bed but I will survive it. Can’t start a riot because I want to be fed burnt fried egg on bed.

Hope you’ll go to church today, please do. As for me, I’m just happy to be a bachelor and breathing.

I am outta here.

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23 thoughts on “Ramblings Of An Angry Nigerian: NARROW ESCAPE

  1. Walt Shakes

    You’re just an angry Nigerian and you’re single. If you’d married prematurely nko? The Naija vex wey for dey simmer inside you ehn! *shudder* Chukwu nna, imena! This alone deserves a visit to the church.


  2. SuperDann1

    Hope u’ve sow a seed in the Lord’s venyard… Meanwhile, Ur excuse is overruled…God watcheth thou heart and not wath thou weareth.


  3. justapollion

    I didn’t read this before I worshipped in the first service. Am going back for a second service then probably a third and if that’s not enough I would go to a celestial church, dance around with the prophet on Mr Kingsley’s behalf thanking God. As we are thanking God for this divine escape you need to sleep in the synagogue for 30days



      Divine escape indeed. You know Fanon said that violence can be conquered by greater violence, well I have now seen that ramblings can be conquered by greater ramblings.
      Choice, may God forgive you. Me, sleep where for how long?
      Choice, you need Christ in your life.
      Man or blogger can’t help you


  4. D

    Ahahahahahah, oya come Kingsley, let’s get married, I promise I won’t call you Kingsley, I will call you a sweet romantic name and pamper you, you will forget ever being an angry Nigerian.



      Promise for the gods. People make promises in the presence of God’s Sanctity, to love and behold till death do us/them part and they break it. So why should I take this one made on the blogosphere seriously? Why! Why!!


  5. Phait

    Hahahahahah I can’t imagine u married….u 4 don kee d woman with your mouth…….dont die yet ooooo and is dre a pedestrian bridge in iwo road ni?? nice one thou…..i thought u were almost lynched sef when I saw the title…*mshewww*



      Why should I be almost lynched, by whom for what? I am unlynchable, lynch can’t get near me.
      Come to think of it, I’m no longer sure about the pedestrian bridge in Iwo Road. Not yet a year now but seems like a century.
      Now did you say I’ll kill someone with my mouth? Be careful


  6. Davis Arugbuonye

    You made a little mistake, you should have actually take the woman along with you to anambra. Are you not missing her? Oga Marry God will make a way



      I made a little mistake. Now let me tell you, it’s that little mistake that saved my life. That’s why you know me. Hence you wouldn’t have met a smart guy like me.
      You could have read about me in Linda Ikeji blog sha


  7. Mike

    Hahshshahahahahahahaha. You know you are funny. ThankGod you didnt impregnate her then. As for not going to church today, if you are catholic. Please read every piece you’ve written here to the priest on your next confession. Na slap go be your penance. funny ooo


  8. Adeleke Julianah

    Indeed, the Universe need to get a get together thanksgiving on behalf of humanity!
    You? Marriage? 2015?
    Tufiakwa! šŸ˜‚ šŸ˜‚ šŸ˜‚ šŸ˜‚


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