16 thoughts on “THE NIGERIAN MAFIA (ONE)

  1. akut Linus

    Nice piece. the sarcastic barbs are capable of transforming the giant cripple Nigeria to a walking country with gait. can’t wait to read the last word in this series.


  2. justapollion

    It is 9am, October 1st and the president of the
    Federal Republic of Nigeria is snoring and we don’t have light in our house and we selling our national assets to invisible buyers. I don’t know A.A Sule but I know of one President who has turned a blind eye to waves of ferocious and massacres of its citizens by nomadic herdsmen that evades capture and punishment. Nigeria’s story has not been, entirely, one long, unrelieved history of despair. 56 years after independence we still ask ourselves the hard questions. Happy Independence Nigeria but what measures are we going to take to prevent people like A.A Sule from recycling themselves into power?



      With Nigeria, every salient question is usually rhetorical in practice. We don’t know and we might never save Nigeria from AA Sule and company, but one thing we must do is to be in the right side of history, that is if Nigeria survives/tarry to the future, if the future can be differentiated from now
      I don’t have light here as well, so I am sure the force trying to prevent us from listening to the president’s (plagiarized, don’t quote me) speech is strong.
      Pass me the bottle


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