‘We Have The Whole Night’

Das’ penis, Caro noticed from where she lay on the bed, looked like a short banana. She had since undressed and had climbed the bed to watch him struggle off his heavy robes, then fight with the lace of his trousers. Caro had resolved to have an affair with Das after the humiliation she suffered listening as Chuks and others butchered her dignity with Tony whimpering in the background. The end justifies the means, she had assured herself. I will pretend he is Tony; I will pretend I am not four months pregnant. But when she saw this manhood, its shortness and blackness contrasting with Tony’s long drumming instrument, she knew the lie that he was Tony wouldn’t sell, and she feared for her pregnancy.

He climbed the bed with his shoes on.

‘Remove them.’

‘They won’t hurt you.’

‘Remove them.’ The coldness of her voice got him acting. It took him a long four minutes to remove his shoes and socks. He was still on it when Caro cried silently, finished, wiped her tears and planted a grimace which passed for a smile on her face. It was a hungry lion who came up the bed for her. ‘You haven’t said anything about my request.’


‘We have the whole night,’ he couldn’t conceal his exasperation. She parted her legs and he struggled to find her. She had to grab his thing which felt warm like a roast corn in her hand. ‘Forgive me, lord,’ she murmured as she slipped it in. ‘Ahhh,’ pain.

‘What?’ he demanded. His eyes, the eyes of a goat when you hit it with a rod above its capacity on the head. ‘Nothing.’ She further parted her legs till they nearly touched the sides of the bed. He began to pound, pound and pound and Caro began to get wet in spite of her feeling. The more he pounded the wetter she became until she was fully ready; he suddenly released a short gasp, shook like a cut-off tail of a lizard and collapsed on her. He was done.

Two-minutes man.


This is an excerpt from my novel draft