Nnamdi Kanu Is Not The Problem

Nnamdi Kanu is not the problem here and it amuses me that we keep railing on and on at him and his group. Kanu is a manifestation of a problem. He is filling in a lacuna, one created by years of our collective denial and dishonesty. He is what those in the medical field will call a “symptom”. A symptom is just an indicator to a problem, malfunction or dysfunction. The truth is, take Kanu away and someone else, maybe much more radical, will replace him. Why? Because we have failed to address the reason he is even in our faces in the first place. A smart and thinking president/government will understand the above before acting like a starved hyena.

Why is there an agitation for secession? Why do we have an increasing score of people cry out daily for a division? What is the root of the Biafran agitation? Is there marginalization? If yes, in what ways? How can it be solved? What are our options? Address these issues and the symptom takes care of itself. Beautifully, symptoms help in the diagnosis of a problem. Kanu is a necessary symptom. I keep saying this. You can’t cover a beautiful carpet on a termite infested floor. Why are the termites in your room in the first place? Why is water leaking through your roof? What are the root issues of what is manifesting?

On a very personal basis, I’m indifferent to a call for secession or a call for unity. Historically and all round, my indifference is justified. In whatever angle you look, I’m a minority and that places me at the mercy of others. Go figure! And while I can laugh in oil, that even places me at a worse position.

And truth be told, this is the most divisive government (at the federal level) I will ever experience in Nigeria. Add insensitive to it too. And this is me being very kind with words. To anyone who denies this one fact, I have no words.

If I was the IPOB leader, I will understand that nations are sovereign for a reason and I will also understand the territorial-jealousy that comes with that. What will I do if I want to secede? I will explore my options, first through the instrumentation of the law, and where I absolutely have none, I will damn the consequences, equip my men and get ready to face the music that comes with insurrection and disruption of an already protected territory. Security, both internal and external is the first reason we even have governments. Cue in man’s social contract. Anything can be done using the cover of security, legal or not. And yes, the law will back this.

Without sounding too simplistic or too academic, the agitations of IPOB can be realised without sacrificing lives or playing into the hands of a mad government. A well structured, articulate and thought-out agenda will fix this. I know this.

I want to reference the Constitution, and I also want to reference the Armed Forces Act for and against the Operation Python Dance, but the thing is, I am tired.

The constitution expressly provides rights and liberties to citizens and especially that of expression, but that right is not absolute or without exceptions. We should never forget this. The other truth is, there are many loopholes in the law and one can take advantage of it.

While we shout and kick against Kanu, let us not ignore the reason he has sprouted, strongly and boldly. Time is running out. The solution or fix to these issues is not just political, like many of us are positing. We need a holistic approach to it. Nothing less.

Written by Enwongo Cleopas; first published in Mymindsnaps.com

Biafran Flag


The Unending (Unnecessary) Battles In Nigeria

Hampered by work and restricted by time, I haven’t written anything here in more than two weeks, since six types of suicides. Thankfully, Sylvanus Omoniyi comes to my rescue with this article. It is hot, it is bleak, it is prophetic, and it is, most crucially, useful. Enjoy

Nigerians are angry. They are not smiling. The country is so hard that people get angry at the slightest provocation. You must be careful of the things you say. There are people who are probably waiting for you to make one false move so they can use your mistake as the casket to bury you. Bury you alive. It looks like everyone is looking for someone to crucify.

Fights everywhere. Blackmail. And even curses. You need to guard your head. Don’t come on Facebook and start acting like a king when you are not even a palace guard. Most people will lose their jobs in real life because of the things they engage in on social media. And some may be harmed or even lose their lives because of their social media presence.

It is even harder for the female folks. You know yourselves. You engage in Facebook battle with people anyhow. People you know that you can’t face in real life. You challenge everyone with words because you think you are famous on Facebook and you can get away with anything. I just pity you. Facebook warrior. Social media Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jackie Chan of subs. Go on.

You don’t know some of the people you battle with. I have heard stories of people getting molested in real life because they couldn’t control their buccal cavity on social media. Some have been killed. A man who does not have the paraphernalia to battle does not engage himself in singing the songs of war. It is dangerous. The time is coming, and now is, that people will be judged by their social media idiosyncrasies. Many will lose relationships. Many will lose jobs. Many will lose their dignity.

It is happening already. Many more will lose their privacy, their essence, and confidence. Many will remain unmarried and bitter. Some, unable to stand the havoc they let loose, will consider suicide. And lots more. You’ll hear of these things and you will remember my words. Don’t pretend to be what you are not. No. Don’t do that. You don’t need it.

Don’t drag yourself into trouble because you want to impress your fans and followers. You’ll turn to look back and you will realize you are the only one standing. Be wise. Diplomacy and modesty are required online, especially for the emotionally and psychologically weak. You may choose to argue with me that you are not weak but when the balloon bursts, you will come back to your senses. I have delivered what the gods sent me. He that has an ear, let him hear!

Sylvanus tweets @SylvanusOmoniyi