I am a writer with a burning anger for a better society. But I don’t just write revolutionaries; most times I just write, experimenting with every idea that comes my way, searching for my voice and waiting for my opportunity to come. I may not be great but I take inspiration from my inalienable right to write and be heard…

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19 thoughts on “Meet KINGSLEY OKECHUKWU

  1. Anaza Herbert

    My only fear has always been the predictions of the West….’if U want to keep a secret from a Nigerian,just hide it in a book’…Oil money is makin’ that prediction come to pass,the fastest lane to make the money,readin’ seems anachronized to a whole lots of Nigerians….Just ride on Kingschuck.


  2. Patricia

    I was actually encouraged by a friend to visit dis site………………..i fink i like what i’m seeing, keep it up bro! Dis is really nice


  3. Onyi loveth

    Bravo! My sweet senior brother. Sometimes,i wonder what the level of our family will be when you turnout to be the more than CHINEDU OFOMATA,a literary writter from our town. I know that with time and conbined effort,u will attain the level of the late chinua Achebe of our beloved country Nigeria. GOD WILL STRENGHTEN YOU!


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